We are very selective of the materials for servicing and repair of our clients vehicles.  BG Products are makers of fluids of the highest order.  BG Products are of two kinds:  working fluids, (except motor oils) and cleaners of fluid systems,  Worth noting that almost any fluid compatible with a system, such as a transmission,  will work without harming for a period of time.  All working fluids have a function quality and a  LIFETIME of that quality.  We have not found fluids that are superior to BG Products; PERIOD.  Functionality and lifetime.are  unsurpassed. The lifetime is an order-of-magnitde better.  Sorry for repetition, but it's intentional to make the point.  The Cleaner products are equally so, but are used only to attempt to restore a piece of machinery that has suffered degraded working-fluid  (TREATMENT to return to good HEALTH;.  Good fluids are for maintaining good HEALTH to avoid SURGERY).  BG Products are not sold OTC, as like medical treatments, to be safe the effective ones are prescribed and properly administered. 

*You cannot help being anything other than what your take into your body. Better be good.                                                                                                          Click  BG Why

ADDITIVES:  We do not use all of their treatments as good as they are, BECAUSE there is no data that allows us to know how long an oil change interval can be extended without submitting to oil analysis expense and time delays. (heavy equipment is tested due to the expense of the large volume of oil in an engine). The BG warranty  is predicated on not missing a single dose which voids the warranty.  

*Pay me now, pay me more later.

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