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AutoWerks Third Party Warranties Policy 23.08.15 updated24.01.16

AutoWerks Inc Third Party Warranties Policy 23.08.15 Updated 24.01.16 Advisory Note: Purchasing a used vehicle: some insurers have in the policy that PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS are not covered. Recently a $7000 premium policy on 192,000mi vehicle everything was "PRE-EXSITING". MAKE SURE THESE WORDS DO NOT APPEAR IN THE POLICY.   Every part of a car is pre-existing We suspect that the used car lots do not make money of the sale but on the policy​. We at AutoWerks are experiencing are sharp increase in the time to administer third party warranties as well as denial of required aspects of a repair. What is/is not covered is actually between the policy holder and the insurance company. An example: denial of paying for replacement of one-time-use fasteners, that is, the owner pays for it or re-use the removed ones. We will not re-use one-time parts.  We are also experiencing payment avoidance.   So, o ... read more


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