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If you are having an emergency, please do not hesitate to come directly here.

24.01.01  By engaging AutoWerks Inc to do paid services/work you agree that Better Business Bureau will be the arbitrator of said service/work.  And agree to working with AutoWerks Inc to resolve the issue before publishing a review and seeking avenues for monetary recovery.  We are considered as a Trade.  Trades (plumbing, electricians, etc) are afforded the privilege of two attempts to rectify.  For more click here

7/11/2023 Updated Service Recommended Schedule now posted aSERVICE SCHEDULE

AutoWerks is still owned and operated by Chuck and Lorraine Dinkel . AutoWerks is graced with the best staff that one could hope to find. LEARN MORE



5/10/2023   Updated Service Recommeded  Schedule now posted at                                                                         https://www.autowerksnc.com/servicebulletins/autowerks-west-end-nc-service-schedule-2023-0 

AutoWerks is still owned and operated by Chuck and Lorraine Dinkel .  AutoWerks is graced with the best staff that one could hope to find.              SEE   https://www.autowerksnc.com/servicebulletins/letter-to-customers-business-not-sold

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An important note: With very rare exceptions, we do not install owner provided parts. The reasons are varied and many, but the bottom line is that there too many ways the outcome is not acceptable for either of us. So, please, before buying, check with us in case yours is the exception. An example would be tires or a part we are unable to acquire.

Thank you,

  • The easiest way to reach us concerning service issues is by using the online scheduler for appointments or any other service related issue. Non-service contact should be directed to [email protected].
  • We work by appointment.
  • We prefer to have you drop off using our drop box which is available any time. The same goes for picking up using our lock box, also available any time.
  • You will be able to pay us by phone or by using our remote pay option if you are picking up from the lock box. Of course we can make accommodation if you want to pay by check or in cash.
  • If possible we ask that you drop your vehicle off by 3pm the day before your appointment in order to ensure timely service. Otherwise, it may reduce the chances of having it ready by the promised time.
  • We do not have a dedicated front counter employee. We keep the entrance door locked with a doorbell so that you can let us know that you have arrived. We try to respond quickly but you may have a brief wait before someone arrives to assist you.
  • There are rare circumstances that permit waiting. It is difficult for our small business to accommodate a waiting guest. It requires that we have the space/lift and technician available at a precise time. In a small shop things can change quickly and make a time commitment impossible. This can lead to longer than expected wait times and frustrations on both sides.
  • If you need to come by with your vehicle to talk with us about something specific and/or show us what’s going on, please email/call ahead and let us know you are coming.
  • The longevity of any machine is directly dependent on the quality and condition of the working fluids. Our services are tailored to the operation of the majority of the vehicles in this locality. Before the late '70s, the factory schedule was close to what was best, but marketing considerations drove manufacturers to recommend longer intervals to "reduce operating costs". In the end, this schedule will cost you more. We advise a six month service interval: twice a year for the base oil Service A; at every other one we add the B service items for the body service along with checking all fluid conditions and other service items that arrive at particular mileages. During one of these appointments we can catch the NC Vehicle Inspection. This program is designed to identify an issue before it becomes an inconvenient and more expensive problem. Most years you will only have two service appointments.
  • We do not service all vehicles. Please visit our Vehicles page for more information.
  • Consultations are best conducted on the phone by appointment. Please use the online appointment form to schedule a consult.

Thank you so much for your business!

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