Updated 2023.04.20 THE LIFE OF ENGINE OIL THE ABSTRACT The longevity of any machine is directly dependent on the quality and condition of the working fluids. Our services are tailored to the operation of the majority of the vehicles in this locality. Before the late '70s, the factory schedule was close to what was best, but marketing considerations drove the manufacturers to longer intervals to "reduce operating costs" and petroleum demand. In the end the cost of ownership was more. The following is to give a general idea of the nature of oil change rationales. BACK STORY THE BASIC COMPONENTS OF CRUDE OIL are paraffinic (long C-H chain) and naphthenic (short branched chains). Paraffinic has good lubricating qualities and resists breaking down. The more expensive ones have higher paraffin content. THE EARLY PENNSYLVANIA CRUDE Luckily for early machines the Pennsylvania crude was 50% paraffinic, now all gone. Today's crudes contain about ... read more

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