We are very selective of the materials for servicing and repair of our clients vehicles.  BG Products are makers of fluids of the highest order.  BG Products are of two kinds:  working fluids, (except motor oils) and cleaners of fluid systems,  Worth noting that almost any fluid compatible with a system, such as a transmission,  will work without harming for a period of time.  All working fluids have a function quality and a  LIFETIME of that quality.  We have not found fluids that are superior to BG Products; PERIOD.  Functionality and lifetime.are  unsurpassed. The lifetime is an order-of-magnitde better.  Sorry for repetition, but it's intentional to make the point.  The Cleaner products are equally so, but are used only to attempt to restore a piece of machinery that has suffered degraded working-fluid  (TREATMENT to return to good HEALTH;.  Good fluids are for maintaining good H ... read more

The Purpose of Tires

The subject of  "The Purpose of Tires" is not a trivial one.  Seemingly, it protects the rim from the pavement, yes?  The wheel which is comprised of the rim fitted with at tire. A railroad wheel has a tire which steel ring shrunk on to an iron or steel rim.  The tire is formulated to accommodate the surface for adequate grip and adequate longevity. To do so means that they are to allow only one freedom of motion (one directions without resistance)  "forward/backward",  The other two are not allowed "not passing thru the road surface", and "not sideways" The most important wheel on the car are the REAR's.    (long pause ...................)      Yes, the fronts perform important functions of bringing the nose to the direction to go, provide majority of the stopping power, and if a front drive the thrust to fo forward.  But, the rears are the most critical in keeping t ... read more


  Updated 2023.04.20 THE LIFE OF ENGINE OIL THE ABSTRACT The longevity of any machine is directly dependent on the quality and condition of the working fluids. Our services are tailored to the operation of the majority of the vehicles in this locality. Before the late '70s, the factory schedule was close to what was best, but marketing considerations drove the manufacturers to longer intervals to "reduce operating costs" and petroleum demand. In the end the cost of ownership was more. The following is to give a general idea of the nature of oil change rationales. BACK STORY THE BASIC COMPONENTS OF CRUDE OIL are paraffinic (long C-H chain) and naphthenic (short branched chains). Paraffinic has good lubricating qualities and resists breaking down. The more expensive ones have higher paraffin content. THE EARLY PENNSYLVANIA CRUDE Luckily for early machines the Pennsylvania crude was 50% paraffinic, now all gone. Today's crudes contain about ... read more

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