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THE FUNDAMENTAL PREMISE IS SEMI-ANNUAL                                                          (DISREGARD MILEAGE)  This schedule is more realistic than the manufacturers' and much  easier for the owner as it is calendar based rather than the more  difficult mileage format. (Think: dental cleaning based on number  of chews). This service appointment then becomes routine and predictable, unlike the mileage scheme that easily becomes out of synch.   SPECIAL NOTE:PRIMARY REASON FOR A 6 MONTH IS THE ROAD-WORTHINESS CHECK This Recommendation is for all cars so that at anytime it is ready for the road.  (To confirm it's readiness, at ... read more


Updated 2023.04.20   We consider routine maintenance to be the key for the longevity, reliability and economical operation of your vehicle. We work with you to organize your visits for routine maintenance, oil changes, state inspections, and more. The fundamental service period is calendar based. regardless of the mileage with some exceptions. The fewer visits the better.  Best maintenance practice is by the calendar so then you simply add to day-planner just like all other things in your life, dental, bill paying etc.  Servicing by mileage is so easily gotten out of synch as time goes by, and reminder stickers on windshield fade away literally and mentally.. When we reset the Service Reminder Indicator, it likely will not come on before the  next service as it is set for a very long mileage/time interval. Our sticker is placed on the driver's door jam or door. . It registers the Date, Odometer, Oil used, and our phon ... read more



Updated  2023.08.28  ADDED BATTERY REPLACEMENT        FYI:  The following is Youtube spot aboutThe one of the consequences of long oil change intervals:                                          Click here and advance to minute 8        ************************************* SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR EXPANDED POINTS              *FREQUENCY OF SERVICE* (Coordinate for fewest visits per year) 3 months (Non-synthetic oil)​ *ROAD-WORTHINESS CHECK (FREE) *SERVICE A (non-synthetic oil)       6 months  (Synthetic oil) *ROAD-WORTHINESS CHECK (FREE) *SERVICE A    ... read more

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