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Sent 2023.04.25 Dear Customer, Rumor has reached us that we have sold the business!  Au contraire!  We are still the proud owners of AutoWerks. For those of you who are recent clients, we began operation in January 1990 and have continuously owned and operated the business since then. True, we have cut back the hours that we are at the shop but we are still very much engaged and in charge.  Chuck collaborates with the work team (Elwood, Richard, and Van) on engineering, technical, and diagnostics, and together we supervise the operations (Dave and Christina).  Daily Operations are overseen by Elwood Sherman.  They are all very capable, and are dedicated to our mission to serve your automotive needs in a fiduciary manner. ​ We do not send out a lot of emails but we will be sending an updated service schedule  recommendation.  We use email primarily to communicate with vehicle owners during service and repair work. We do not share our emai ... read more


THE FUNDAMENTAL PREMISE IS SEMI-ANNUAL                                                          (DISREGARD MILEAGE)  This schedule is more realistic than the manufacturers' and much  easier for the owner as it is calendar based rather than the more  difficult mileage format. (Think: dental cleaning based on number  of chews). This service appointment then becomes routine and predictable, unlike the mileage scheme that easily becomes out of synch.   SPECIAL NOTE:PRIMARY REASON FOR A 6 MONTH IS THE ROAD-WORTHINESS CHECK This Recommendation is for all cars so that at anytime it is ready for the road.  (To confirm it's readiness, at ... read more


Updated 2023.04.20   We consider routine maintenance to be the key for the longevity, reliability and economical operation of your vehicle. We work with you to organize your visits for routine maintenance, oil changes, state inspections, and more. The fundamental service period is calendar based. regardless of the mileage with some exceptions. The fewer visits the better.  Best maintenance practice is by the calendar so then you simply add to day-planner just like all other things in your life, dental, bill paying etc.  Servicing by mileage is so easily gotten out of synch as time goes by, and reminder stickers on windshield fade away literally and mentally. When we reset the Service Reminder Indicator, it likely will not come on before the  next service as it is set for a very long mileage/time interval. Our sticker is placed on the driver's door jam or door. . It registers the Date, Odometer, Oil used, and our phone ... read more

ALERT VW Audi Turbo Diesel Injection 2009 to 2015

This is to alert you to a chronic problem concerning VW and Audi diesel engines in vehicles from 2009 - 2015. It has been revealed that the high pressure pump begins to wear and sheds metal fragments into the fuel injection system (which the filter DOES NOT capture!). Once it begins it is not long to system failure. Correcting the affected parts is about $7500. If you are driving one of the these vehicles and you have more than 60k on the odometer, please talk to us about checking for this condition. If contamination has not begun, replace the pump as a preventive measure. The job is approximately $4500, which includes replacing the timing belt which is removed to do the pump.The VW Audi TDI SERVICE  is removing the fuel filter and dissect for collected metal slivers. If found, replace pump immediately, and hope that not enough has been deposited in the injectors.  If not found, and the there is more than 60,000 miles, discuss the sit ... read more



ALERT ENGINE AIR INTAKE COKING CLEANING AND Gasoline Direct Injection Engine damage

​IMPORTANT NOTICE       GASOLINE ENGINE PREVENTIVE SERVICE     ALL GASOLINE ENGINE CARS ARE PRONE TO "COKING" THE INTAKE. ESPECIALLY   GASOLINE  DIRECT INJECTED ENGINES ARE AT RISK OF ENGINE DAMAGE. To see it click on GDI ENGINE DAMAGE  and fast forward to minute 10:00 and watch for 5 minutes. ​ Post-2006 ALL vehicles: "INTAKE CLEANING SERVICE"  every 24 months ********************* G D I  VEHICLES AN INCREASING NUMBER OF GASOLINE ENGINED CARS AFTER 2011 ARE GDI. THE FOLLOWING IS RECOMMENDED TO HEAD-OFF MORE EXPENSIVE WORK AND THE DOWN TIME:​ IF GDI VEHICLES ARE PAST 40,000 MILES WITHOUT THIS SERVICE IT SHOULD BE DONE EARLIEST.   ************************ BACK STORY Pre-1991 GASOLINE fuels were not completely refined (grossly loaded with non-fuel junk) that loaded up the intake and valves with carbon, enough s ... read more


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