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We consider routine maintenance to be the key for the longevity, reliability and economical operation of your vehicle. For cars using synthetic oil we recommend service every 6 months/6,000 miles. Through experience, this has proven to be the most beneficial schedule. We try to organize your visits so that we can perform the State Inspection during one of these appointments thereby eliminating the need for another visit just for that. We monitor all other fluids in the vehicle and recommend service as needed/required along with other maintenance items such as air filters. Any vehicles still using non-synthetic oil need to be serviced every 3 months/3,000 miles.

The longevity of any machine is directly dependent on the quality and condition of the working fluids. Our services are tailored to the operation of the majority of the vehicles in this locality. Fortunately, the way our service scheme works is much broader than the factory. Before the late '70s, the factory schedule was close to what was best, but marketing considerations drove it to longer intervals to "reduce operating costs". In the end, it will cost you more: twice a year for the base oil Service A & every other year you'd add Service B for the body service. One of these can then catch the NC Vehicle Inspection, cooling, A/T fluid, brake fluid, and other maintenance services. Catch an issue before it becomes an inconvenient problem and you can forget watching the odometer or reminders. Quite possibly you'll be seen only twice a year

About Service A and Service B

Fact: Vehicles driven regularly on the highways should be seen at least twice a year for a condition check.

Fact: Frequent local, short drives cause even the synthetic engine oil to deteriorate in as little as six months. 

SERVICE A includes a vehicle condition inspection and engine oil and filter change.

SERVICE B is about the body.  Rubber treatment, cabin filters,lube hinge and latches, close brake inspection wheels-off, sometimes wipers, top off washer fluid.

Infrequent, longer trips may not need an oil service at six months; however, we advise you to still have the condition check completed. We recommend scheduling the NC Vehicle Inspection with Service A's whether you schedule an oil service or not. 



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