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ALERT VW Audi TDI fuel system damage

Updated  2023.04.20       



VW and Audi Turbocharged Diesel Injected engines


If you own or are thinking about purchasing one of the cited vehicles, this is to alert you to a chronic problem concerning VW and Audi diesel engines in vehicles from 2009 - 2015. It has been revealed that the high pressure pump begins to wear and sheds metal fragments into the fuel injection system. Once it begins it is not long until system failure. Replacing the affected parts is about $7500. If you are driving one of the above vehicles and you have more than 60k on the odometer, please talk to us about checking for this condition. If contamination has not occurred, you could consider replacing the pump as a preventive measure. The job is approximately $4500. This includes replacing the timing belt which is removed to do the pump.
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Basicly the High Pressure Pump that feeds fuel to the injector common manifold bits of metal that the pump plunger (piston) sheds (it's not supposed to).  From there the metal settles into the injectors clogging them (cannot be cleaned).  Meanwhile, the fuel continues to the fuel filter where is seems that it is not filtered, hence back to the tank where it contaminates the rest of the system.  T


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