Sent 2023.04.25
Dear Customer,
Rumor has reached us that we have sold the business!  Au contraire!  We are still the proud owners of AutoWerks. For those of you who are recent clients, we began operation in January 1990 and have continuously owned and operated the business since then. True, we have cut back the hours that we are at the shop but we are still very much engaged and in charge.  Chuck collaborates with the work team (Elwood, Richard, and Van) on engineering, technical, and diagnostics, and together we supervise the operations (Dave and Christina).  Daily Operations are overseen by Elwood Sherman.  They are all very capable, and are dedicated to our mission to serve your automotive needs in a fiduciary manner.
We do not send out a lot of emails but we will be sending an updated service schedule  recommendation.  We use email primarily to communicate with vehicle owners during service and repair work. We do not share our email list with any person or business.  For any non-emergency issue for our attention, please call the shop number 910.295.5888 and dial 106.  A copy of the voice mail is forwarded to a monitored email. Or you may send an email  message to the private account by Clicking on This. This account can also be accessed on the website in "About Us", then "Contact Us".
A note about scheduling routine service.  We prefer that the request be made through the website which serves several purposes, namely, the operations crew will have time to research the vehicle's history, find the best time, and start the materials procurement process. Then you will be contacted to complete the appointment.  Of course, for the more immediate and unexpected vehicle issues use the phone contact.  Should a voice message be necessary, it is displayed on a monitor and phone system console.
For 24/7 assistance with an urgent situation  call the main number and select 9. 
If not answered, leave a message and try again in a few minutes.  
Important bulletins concerning various vehicle issues are now on the website   We will alert you via an email with links to the pertinent information. 
We hope you will find our emails of interest but, of course, you may unsubscribe at any time. To go there Click On This. The minimum required is the email address and an X in the  message box if you prefer not to give a reason.  We would appreciate it if you would indicate that you are unsubscribing because you no longer have the vehicle in question so that we can remove it from our records. Please note, email communication with you when you have your vehicle in for service/repairs will still be active. Broadcast bulletins regarding important information about safety and vehicle welfare will not be sent.
A final word: This letter and our writings about vehicle issues, educational, rationalizations, justifications, ALERT BULLETINS, reside at autowerksnc.com/blog.  Click on it to go directly there.  You may also find it  AutoWerks home page header under About Us, Blog.
We look forward to continuing to work with you.  

Chuck and Lorraine Dinkel
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